November - December 2016. Project's results related to the detection of taggants in explosives and chemical warfare agents were presented in one oral presentation (Phthalocyanine thin films for detection of taggants in explosives) and at one poster (Nanostructured oxide thin film-based chemiresistive sensors for detection of chemical warfare agents and their simulants) at MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit 2016.


October 2016. NATO SfP project and our scientific results have been presented at the Future Forces Forum, traditional international exhibition of new technologies in the area of defense and security. The exhibition was sponsored by Czech Ministry of Defence, Czech Republic's Army, European Defence Agency etc.


September 2016. Further experiments were conducted on the subject of nerve agents‘ detection (Sarin, Soman, Tabun). We used a matrix of solid state gas sensors of various types (inorganic, organic, textile) prepared within project solution and evaluated capabilities of the sensors for the detection of nerve agents. Promising results were observed, especially in case of soman detection (estimated detection limit is as low as few ppm). The composition and purity of nerve agents were verified with GC-IMS setup.

Testing at NBC ...
Testing at NBC ...
Testing at NBC ...
Testing at NBC ...
Testing at NBC ...
Testing at NBC ...
Testing at NBC ...

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