Our project results were presented as two poster presentations at the Transducers 2015 Conference in Anchorage, USA (June 21-25 2015). NPD Team members Dr. Fitl and Dr. Vlček also participated on sensor Short Courses during the Transducers 2015 Conference.

On 22. May 2015 the second meeting of all working teams took place at NPD site (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic). NPD assoc. prof. Martin Vrňata presented current progress of the project and also explained all news regarding organization of the project. All co-directors presented results of their parts of the project.

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New equipment for NPD laboratories was purchased from the project budget. Sonication device Hielscher UP200St (200W, 26kHz) allows homogenization, disintegration, emulsification or degassing of sensitive materials for chemical gas sensors.

Binder VDL-23 is stainless steel corrosive proof vacuum furnace working from the temperature range 5 °C above room temperature to 200 °C. The applications cover drying of sensitive materials, temperature stabilization or long term storage of sensors under defined conditions.

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Binder VDL-23

The results of our project were presented at international scientific conference CBRN PROTECT 2015, in OPZHN Vyškov (22. - 23.4.2015).

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