Interesting conference about nanomaterials AEM2017 was held in Guildford, Great Britain. We were chairs and lecturers in polymeric section.

AEM 2017 at Uni...
AEM 2017 at Uni...
AEM 2017 at Uni...

New results obtained on gas sensitive supramolecular polypyrrole were presented on ECME 2017 European Conference on Molecular Electronics which was held in Dresden, Germany.

ECME 2017 Europ...
ECME 2017 Europ...
ECME 2017 Europ...

March 2017. We organized an exhaustive meeting with colleagues from University of Defence Vyskov. We discussed next steps of our co-research on sensors of taggants of explosives and chemical warfare agents.


December 2016. Scientific results were presented at the Pacific Rim Symposium on Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces conference


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